Whale watching on the Little Belt

In Lillebælt you’ll find one of the world’s largest concentrations of one of the world’s smallest whales.
The harbor porpoise can be seen up close in Lillebælt – both from one of our many whale watching tours or along our 117 km long coastline.

The whale watching cruises take place in Middelfart’s Old Port, where the galleases Aventura, Mira III, MS Fortuna and MS Marianne are moored. The tour boats offer whale watching tours of 2-3 hours duration with a focus on spotting the small whales as they come up for air. During the cruise, the crew will tell you more about the porpoises and what else you can see on the beautiful trip through Naturpark Lillebælt.

There are approximately 3000 porpoises frolicking in Naturpark Lillebælt.
It is possible to see porpoises throughout the year, but are best spotted in May, June, July & August. In the summer months, the best opportunities to get up close to the small whales are on a whale watching tour.
On the whale watching tour, it is also possible to see both Little Belt bridges from the water.

Directions from Sct. Knudsborg: 21 km

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27min by car

1h 7 min by bike

4h 38 min On foot

Sejlads Med Aventura

M/S Aventura

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Mira III 2

Mira III

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MS Fortuna

M/S Fortuna

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MS Marianne

M/S Marianne

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