Odense Flower Festival

Odense Flower Festival is a beautiful tradition in Odense that takes place every year. The city center is decorated with an abundance of flowers and plants from local nurseries and growers. Every year the festival brings a new theme, such as Norse mythology, China’s cultural treasures, The Fairytale Garden and many more. Over the years, this has resulted in impressive fairytale characters, lifelike dragons, animal-friendly creations and cute teddy bears. The festival also provides inspiration to recreate the magic at home in your own garden, all with the help of flowers and plants. Odense Flower Festival is truly something to experience!

See the website for specific dates below – Have a great trip!

Directions from Sct. Knudsborg: 44.5 km

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18 min by car

2h by bike

On foot

Odense Flower Festival