Beautiful gardens, exhibitions & delicious cake

The activities started small in 1990, when Peder and Ole established the Humlemagasinet Gallery with changing exhibitions of paintings and other art. The gallery activities gradually changed and developed into the royal and cultural history exhibitions in the summer and the large Christmas exhibition in November and December.

Today, the gardens cover 10 acres of land with around 25 different themed gardens that are still being developed. At the same time, three museums have been established: The Bumblebee Museum, the Sigfred Pedersen Museum and the Historical Doll Museum.

Directions from Sct. Knudsborg: 9.1 km

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14 min by car

29 min on bike

2 hours on foot

Sct. Knudsborg Humlemargasinet 1
Sct. Knudsborg Humlemargasinet 10