Gorilla Park

Gorilla Park is a climbing park in Vejle and Svendborg with heights of up to 26 meters. There are challenges for everyone, cold sweat and cramping laughter.

Would you like to bring family or friends closer together in unique surroundings? Climbing park in Svendborg offers great challenges and climbing experiences for all sizes. You can be sure of an extraordinary experience when you visit Gorilla Park Svendborg. Experience the rush and excitement of wearing the best climbing gear – so you can challenge the heights. Safe and fun.

Reach new heights in Gorilla Park. There’s a host of fantastic activities to keep our guests entertained and thrilled. 8 climbing courses totaling 2.7 km with over 100 different climbing elements – all at your own pace.

Directions from Sct. Knudsborg: 83.8 km

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1h 14min by car

3h 43 min on bike

On foot

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