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Team building

Team building at Sct. Knudsborg

In our beautiful open nature, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have some amazing experiences where team building is not just an activity, but an experience!

Nestled in the heart of a stunning natural landscape, our location is the perfect place to bring your team together and foster a sense of unity, collaboration and camaraderie. With a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, we work with our suppliers to offer a range of team building activities that will challenge your team and create lasting memories.

The experienced teams of facilitators will work with you to design a tailor-made team building program that meets your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to improve communication, enhance teamwork or boost morale, they have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your desired results.

Sct. Knudsborg is the perfect destination for multi-day team building retreats.

What facilities are available at Sct. Knudsborg?

Sct. Knudsborg is located on a 2.5 hectare plot in beautiful and inspiring surroundings with the possibility of access to an additional 8 hectares along the water to the east in extension of Sct. Knudsborg – the activities had to take up the space.

The main building has 1402 sqm consisting of a Reception, Conference Hall, Dining Room, Lounge, Group Room, Industrial Kitchen, Bar and room wings with space for 58 sleeping guests. You can rent 3 apartments and 2 holiday homes to accommodate 78 people.

The uniqueness of Sct. Knudsborg as a teambuilding location is the unlimited free space and the fantastic location. Whether it’s cooking together in our large industrial kitchen, axe throwing on the big lawns, canoeing on the water, building rafts, night running or fellowship around an open fire, it can be done

Sct. Knudborg

Where is Sct. Knudsborg In relation to the nearest cities & how easy is it to find?

Only 12 minutes from the E20, exit 56 is Sct. Knudsborg. It’s a nice ride for us from the highway. The captain just needs to keep the course due North and then to port (left) at the end of the age.
The nearest town is Brenderup, (4.8 km, 8 min) with its good bakery and grocery stores. Middelfart is 22 min, Bogense 20 min, Odense 46 min & Kolding 37 min.

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Simple fun games

Examples: Football, Croquet, Roundball, Garden bowling, Disc golf, Ring toss, Dropin hood, Throwing board, Swim race, Touch rugby,

Professional instructors and facilitators

If you are looking for professional trainers and facilitators with extensive experience, we have a large selection below


Incredible team experiences at Sct. Knudsborg with one of Denmark’s most experienced suppliers

World of Adventure, can offer a range of amazing experiences for your stay.

Indoor team building with World of Adventure

The range of great and exciting indoor experiences has increased dramatically in recent years and even on a dark winter’s day, you can now do engaging and fun team building activities.

For example, try this:

The big cake contest, the “little” cake contest where you can throw yourself into the noble art of pastry making and compete to make the most beautiful cakes. This is an event where everyone wins when you finish with coffee and lots of cake.

The Domino Effect, where each team has its own unique challenges, but must ensure the domino effect for the next team. Preferably in a creative and efficient way. It’s not just about solving your own tasks, but also about seeing the bigger picture.

Outdoor Teambuilding at Sct. Knudsborg

At Sct. At Knudsborg we have the most beautiful nature around us.

Outdoor team building can be structured in several ways, depending on what best suits your company/organization. Some activities focus on the physical, while others bring different skills such as communication, knowledge sharing, project management and collaboration into play. Of course, it’s possible to combine multiple aspects, so you’ll be challenged in different ways throughout the day. Examples could be:

Outdoor Escape Game

Bridge It, Build a bridge in more than one sense.

Opportunities abound in the stunning surroundings.

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Get Outdoor is founded on a passion for the outdoors and all the experiences you can have in nature. They are outdoor experts who are passionate about community, exercise, learning, challenges and outdoor activities that push the boundaries and move us a little closer together and a little outside our comfort zone.

Here you can have memorable nature experiences that can be both exhilarating or more peaceful/cozy surroundings with bonfires, food and large Tippi tents.

Shorter or more intense trips can be arranged for groups from 4 – 100 people for SUP, canoeing, kayaking and MTB.

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AWA Teambuilding

AWA Teambuilding makes it easy to give staff, colleagues, customers or business partners an extraordinary team building experience.

If you need a short break of half an hour or a comprehensive full-day event with team development or lectures, AWA Teambuilding can help you.

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GoSail is a fluid communication lab that strengthens the good relationships that are the foundation for value-creating collaboration – which benefits both business operations and employee well-being.

If you invite your employees to a company event with racing at GoSail, you need to be able to steer the boat, among other things.

  • collaborate to find the right person for the right job,
  • Set a strategy,
  • Have a common language and clear and unambiguous communication
  • and you need to function as the best team.

Just like you have to work together at work to make things run smoothly. You get a fun corporate event, but you also get a corporate event that challenges you all.

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There’s something for every preference and budget. Explore escaperoom, archery, GPS running or laser shooting with experienced adult instructors who specialize in team activities. Our events offer a multilingual experience with a high degree of flexibility. When you choose to spend time with, we guarantee that your guests will have a great experience that everyone can participate in.

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Walk yourself happy - conference walk with Heidi Møller

Heidi loves walking – Can you walk for a living, yes you can. Why not take your course and conference guests on a walk that opens up happy energy and spontaneous conversation?

When you come back with red cheeks and fresh smiles on your face, you’ll have made room for contemplation or the big cake table.

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