Sct. Knudsborg

Seminars or meetings

Seminar or meeting at Sct. Knudsborg

Sct. Knudsborg has rooms suitable for seminars & meetings in beautiful and tranquil surroundings.

Management seminar, management team meeting or training for a group of employees? Maybe a strategy meeting or team building?

The calm and bright surroundings with views of the Little Belt Bridge, the funnel, Vejlefjord & Juelsminde invite contemplation and creativity. The large terrace overlooking the water and the large lawn is just outside the meeting rooms – ready to give your brain and eyes some fresh air during breaks.

We set the framework for seminars, courses, conferences & meetings from 2 to 60 people

A successful seminar equals Sct. Knudsborg – just the way you want it.

Course at Sct. Knudsborg

Looking for a place to host a training course? A place with a great setting & facilities, the catering is made as a team exercise in our large industrial kitchen or served according to your wishes.

We have a conference hall, 2 smaller team rooms, and the dining room with panoramic views can also be used for activities. We have AV facilities available in the conference room and fast WI-FI for all course participants throughout the building.

Sct. Knudborg

Training with a focus on results

A training course is an important event in your company or organization, so it’s important to focus on creating a great result.

Sct. Knudsborg provides the ultimate peace of mind for focus, immersion & learning when running a course.

When you are at Sct. Knudsborg, we’re there for you and only minutes away.

Sct. Knudsborg is not that far away...

Sct. Knudsborgs is located in the heart of Denmark, 35 min from Odense, 5 blocks from Aarhus C & only 2 h 18 min from Copenhagen H.

If you travel together from your workplace, the seminar can start from home.

Distances to Sct. Knudsborg


Middelfart: 22 min / 20 km
Odense C: 42 min / 40 km


Esbjerg: 1h 10 min / 110 km
Fredericia: 23 min / 29 km
Kolding: 45 min / 45 km
Horsens: 55 min / 77 km
Vejle: 40 min/ 54 km
Aarhus: 1h 15 min / 117 km


Copenhagen H: 2h 18 min / 203 km
Ringsted: 1h 35 min / 140 km
Roskilde: 2h 04 min / 168 km


Malmö: 2h 38 min / 233 km


Bremen: 4h 17 min / 399 km
Flensburg: 1h 35 min / 131 km
Hamburg: 3h 12 min / 285 km
Hannover: 4h 54 min / 435 km
Neumünster: 2h 35 min / 222 km

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