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Arrival & Departure

Your arrival email contains important information:

  • It shows from what time on the day of arrival the rented accommodation is available. The departure time is also indicated. These times are very important as all homes are inspected and there may be small repairs that need to be made so that you take possession in a satisfactory condition.
  • It will state whether you need to read consumption and, if so, where.
  • The prices for the relevant consumption types are also listed here. Consumption is read on arrival and departure.
  • In addition, important information about the location, such as the internet code or other special features, is listed.

Upon departure, read the consumption meters as on arrival and send them together with your bank details to, after which your deposit will be settled and returned to you no later than 14 days after departure.

If keys are handed over in a key box, it must be placed no later than 10:00 – remember to lock the key box behind you!


Upon arrival at Sct. Knudsborg after Sct. The Knudsborg sign is a large wooden gate with an access door. Behind this door you’ll find:

  • 1 Large
    container for residual waste (Remember to close ALL bags)
  • 1 container for cans & metal
  • 1 container for glass

The emptying interval can vary as there are larger containers on site and the volume fluctuates greatly. Therefore, you can’t expect an empty container on arrival, but there will be plenty of space.

Glass bottles and cans must not be thrown in the residual waste container, but must be returned to the glass container, the same applies to cans. Do not throw plastic bags in the glass & can container.


All distances on are measured via google maps, these measurements are given as the crow flies.

Distance shopping etc. is calculated to the best of our ability as the crow flies and may therefore be longer when running, walking or driving there from Sct. Knudsborg.

Construction noise

There is very rare construction noise due to Sct. The location of Knudsborg.

To the west is a mature cottage area where there is occasional noise from sawing and hammering during maintenance work.

Sct. Knudsborg cannot know where and when construction and renovation will take place and cannot be held responsible for this.

But as I said, it is very rare and we have not been notified by our guests.


The order is binding immediately, after which Sct. Knudsborg sends confirmation and rental certificate to the tenant. At the same time, 25% of the rent is due for payment. The remaining rental amount must be paid in full. Knudsborg 70 days before the start of the rental period.
If you order later than 70 days before the start of the rental period, the full amount is due upon receipt of the rental certificate.
If the full rental amount is not paid on time, Sct. Knudsborg can cancel the rental agreement without notice and the tenant will lose the paid rental amount, just as the tenant remains liable for payment of the remaining rent.

Above in accordance with the applicable contract terms

Deposit / consumption

The deposit will be refunded no later than 14 days after your departure, if we have received consumption readings + bank information by emailand that the house has been left in proper condition and there have been no damages/problems during your stay.
The consumption bill will be deducted from your deposit. Should your deposit not be enough to cover the usage costs, you will be sent a bill afterwards.
Should the counters not be listed, Sct. Knudsborgt a consumption that is calculated via remote meter reading for the rental period

Electricity & Electric Car

There is 220 volts in all homes.

12A – Sct. Knudsborg also has 16A CE plugs for EVs.

It is NOT allowed to charge electric cars from the apartments and holiday homes


Right next to Sct. Knudsborg is very well known for being good for sea trout, as seen on the map here and many other places:

Fishing licenses for coastal fishing can be purchased at

In the municipality of Middelfart in which Sct. Knudsborg is located has Middelfart Municipality has decided that anyone with a valid fishing license can fish freely in the vast majority of the rivers and lakes owned by Middelfart Municipality.

On the Danish Nature Agency’s website you can see the stretches where fishing is allowed.

Forgotten things

Forgotten items can be picked up at Sct. Knudsborg or forwarded to


Today, it is the main building that has a larger grill. Apartments and summer houses do not have a barbecue. The cleaning of the grill is NOT included in the included cleaning and must therefore be cleaned after use.

The reason

The land on which Sct. Knudsborg is 25,000 m2

The open grassy areas are shared between guests with great respect for the privacy of other guests.

For Sct. Knudsborg, it is important that locals and others who wish to access the beach can do so via Sct. Knudsborg’s staircase to the water. Therefore, others can access it via direct footpaths and roads.

All paying guests have first priority in the area. Thank you for respecting guests’ privacy.

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We would like to point out thatthat more people may never stay overnight in the rental than stated in the house description. It is also not allowed to pitch tents, caravans or motorhomes on the property.

Garden furniture

Garden furniture is available in all homes, i.e. garden table, chairs, parasol and cushions.arasol and cushions

Many parasols break if left unfolded in windy weather or at night, so it’s always a good idea to fold the parasol when it’s not in use, that way it won’t crack or break in the wind.


The property is supplied via a fiber 500 Mbit internet connection.

The internal network is based on Ubiquiti 10 Gbit.

Your connection is wireless

Sct. Knudsborg has 1.3 Gbit wireless access points

Apartments and holiday homes have 800 Mbit access points

Driving directions

Directions to Sct. Knudsborg can be generated via Google maps or other route software.


You must bring your own linen unless an agreement has been made with Sct. Knudsborg about linen delivery.

The arrival email indicates the size of the beds and the duvets and pillows available.

For your stay, you need to bring the following items yourself: bedding, towels, tea towels, cloths, tablecloths and toiletries.


Complaints regarding cleaning must be reported immediately to Sct. Knudsborg at the beginning of the period by phone +45 40 355585 or by email:
Other damages and complaints must also be reported to Sct. Knudsborg as soon as these are discovered.
If the complaint cannot be resolved on site, a repairman will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Cleaning & Maintenance

If the final cleaning is included/obligatory, you do not have to spend the last part of your stay/holiday cleaning, but the house must be tidy and the dishwasher, fridge and trash must be emptied.

Book a cleaning service and allow yourself to relax on the last day of your vacation and leave the cleaning to Sct. Knudsborg. You can order cleaning when you book your stay or by contacting Sct. Knudsborg. If you have forgotten to book or wish to do so, please do so 3 days before departure.

Final cleaning if this is done by the tenant

The property must be clean and tidy before departure. Cleaning includes vacuuming and dusting. Tile, linoleum or wooden floors need both vacuuming and washing. The kitchen (stove, cabinets, cutlery, etc.) and fridge should be clean and dry. Please leave the fridge open. Food must not be left in the home!

Health card / Health insurance

Always remember to bring your health card on vacation.


Where homes all have TV and Norlys connection. There may be poor signal or complete loss of reception (weather conditions). Should there be problems with TV reception or similar, it cannot be guaranteed that this can be repaired during the weekend or in the evening. In the event of operating errors or changes to the settings by the lessee, Sct. Knudsborgs reserves the right to charge the tenant for the repair/reset. Please always read the instructions for use or call St. Martin. Knudsborg if you are unsure about the service.

Young people - more than 2 people

Due to experience with renting to young people (e.g. damage to furniture or lack of final cleaning), it has been necessary to set an age limit of 23 years for more than 2 people. Of course, this doesn’t apply to young people on vacation with their parents or two young people renting a house together. Control visits may occur!

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